Never Have I Ever Questions: Conversation Starters, Party Games 2017

The popular Never Have I Ever Questions game with a naughty twist

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The Never Have I Ever questions game is an awesome party game you should try at your next get-together. It’s a great way to discover fun facts about the people you know and love. It’s also a great way to break the ice and get a party off the ground.

How do you play? Players take turns saying “Never have I ever”, followed by an act they have never done. All of the other players must then indicate whether or not they have performed the act.

For example, one could say “Never have I ever been pulled over by a cop”. If any of the other players have been pulled over by a cop, they would be required to do one of the following:

  • Raise their hand and explain their answer.
  • Take a drink.
  • Eat a piece of candy or junk food.
  • Something else fun.

The goal is to get players to reveal something interesting about themselves. The more revealing the better. The game isn’t over until someone is drunk, stuffed, or super embarrassed!

In this article, we put together a massive list of Never Have I Ever Questions, separated into the following categories. Feel free to use them at your next party or get-together.

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Never Have I Ever Questions - Fun Questions

Fun Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  • Picked up a hitch hiker.
  • Cooked a holiday dinner.
  • Changed a light bulb.
  • Had more than 100 followers on Twitter
  • Had a near-death experience.
  • Been on a debating team in school.
  • Owned a pro sports jersey.
  • Changed a flat tire.
  • Worked at a fast-food restaurant.
  • Been able to name 10 countries in Europe.
  • Traveled outside of the country.
  • Done a back flip.
  • Got lost while driving on a long-distance trip.
  • Been in a movie, on TV, or on the radio.
  • Been caught talking to myself.
  • Crashed a wedding.
  • Been to a hockey game.
  • Been married or engaged.
  • Butt dialed my significant other from a bar.
  • Eaten a whole pizza by myself.
  • Ordered food and didn’t have enough for the bill.
  • Gone outside with my clothes inside out.
  • Voted for Trump.



Love Related Never Have I Ever Questions

Love-Related Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  • Dated more than one person at the same time.
  • Proposed to someone.
  • Forgot an anniversary recently.
  • Had a one night stand.
  • Experienced a “nooner.”
  • Cheated on my girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Went on multiple dates on the same day.
  • Dumped someone to start dating someone that just became available.
  • Been in a long distance relationship.
  • Called someone or have been called by someone for a booty call.
  • Had my heart broken.
  • Made out in the back of a car.
  • Lied about how many sex partners I’ve had.
  • Had a minimum date requirement before I have sex with someone.
  • Been deeply in love.
  • Dated people in different cities.
  • Had a friend with benefits.
  • Said the L-word much too early in the relationship.
  • Fallen in love at first sight.
  • Ruined a date by being insulting, gross, or chauvinistic.
  • Dated down.
  • Found my soul mate.


Never Have I Ever Questions - Work Questions

Work-Related Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever…

  • Been fired from a job.
  • Hid in the bathroom at work to kill time.
  • Stole someone’s food from the refrigerator at work.
  • Stole office supplies from work.
  • Stole expensive items from work.
  • Took a job that I thought I was too good for.
  • Cleaned toilets for a living.
  • Got cursed out by a customer at the job.
  • Made over $100K salary.
  • Got sexually harassed at work.
  • Quit a job because of a horrible boss.
  • Had a co-worker that was trying to destroy me.
  • Had a co-worker that I had a crush on.
  • Had a job where I got paid to do nothing.
  • Called out of work to play Madden football.
  • Surf the internet at work.
  • Had a nemesis at work.
  • Got a job that I wasn’t qualified for thanks to a family member or friend.
  • Got a job because of my good looks.
  • Hooked up with a co-working during a business trip.
  • Got drunk at an office party.
  • Watched porn at work.


Never Have I Ever Questions - Nerdy Questions

Nerdy Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  • Worn a pocket protector.
  • Received all A’s on a report card.
  • Wrote a computer program.
  • Been to a Comic Con.
  • Owned a Logitech universal remote
  • Been on the honor roll in high school.
  • Worn a costume to a Super Hero movie.
  • Went to prom without a date.
  • Been a member of a chess club.
  • Lose my virginity well after college.
  • Had twice as many video game consoles than girlfriends.
  • Been called a nerd or a geek in school.
  • Known how to jailbreak a cell phone.
  • Received a special pass to avoid physical education class.
  • Worked on a science project when you didn’t have to.
  • Tutored other kids in calculus.
  • Known how to Photoshop a photo.
  • Managed a Facebook page.
  • Owned an Intellivision.
  • Owned action figures that I have never taken out of the original packaging.
  • Have been bullied in school.
  • Have been bullied as an adult.
  • Owned a station wagon (not including a Dodge Magnum).
  • Owned a Windows Mobile Phone.


Never Have I Ever Questions - Embarassing Questions

Embarrassing Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  • Walked around all day with my pants zipper open.
  • Vomited in public.
  • Been dumped by a girlfriend/boyfriend in public.
  • Asked someone to prom and they laughingly said ‘no’.
  • Tried to use a credit card and the transaction was declined.
  • Fell down on an icy sidewalk.
  • Went to work with a bad hairdo.
  • Been hit with bird poop.
  • Sat on a wet seat on a bus or train.
  • Passed out in public because I was drunk.
  • Caught my significant other cheating on me.
  • Walked in on someone having sex.
  • Exposed a body part by mistake.
  • Walked around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe.
  • Walked around with a booger in my nose.
  • Had gum stuck in my hair.
  • Been discovered to have voted for a very unpopular political candidate.
  • Walked around with my makeup smeared.
  • Picked a fight and lost badly.
  • Single handily caused my team to lose a sports game.
  • Been asked to leave somewhere because I was high or drunk.
  • Failed a driver’s license exam.
  • Had an unexpected guest see your unclean house or apartment.
  • Fallen down a flight of stairs.



Never Have I Ever Questions - Naughty Questions

Naughty Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  • Got caught cheating on my spouse.
  • Have been placed in handcuffs for any reason.
  • Scratched someone’s car and didn’t leave a note.
  • Driven my car while under the influence.
  • Cut in front of someone in line at a supermarket.
  • Walked out on a food bill without paying.
  • Ruined someone else’s vacation.
  • Framed someone for something I did.
  • Lied on my LinkedIn profile.
  • Kissed someone my sibling was dating.
  • Downloaded music using Napster before it became legit.
  • Went to a strip joint.
  • Snuck into a movie without paying for it.
  • Followed my ex on social media using an anonymous profile.
  • Went on a date with someone I met online.
  • Covertly followed my spouse to see if they were cheating on me.
  • Made fun of someone that couldn’t defend themselves.
  • Skip to the front of a line at an amusement park.
  • Smacked a stranger’s butt at a bar or a club.
  • Dumped someone and started dating their friend or sibling.
  • Made a crank phone call.
  • Have multiple baby mommas.
  • Bugged my spouse’s email or phone to spy on them.
  • Acquired fake followers on my social media accounts.
  • Said “I Love You” when I didn’t mean it.
  • Saw a family member naked.


Never Have I Ever Questions - Gross Questions

Gross Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  • Got caught picking my nose.
  • Eaten food that was on the floor or ground.
  • Eaten a bug by mistake.
  • Eaten a bug on purpose.
  • Fantasized about having sex with a sibling.
  • Farted on an airplane.
  • Ate food from a trash can.
  • Stepped in a large pile of poop.
  • Pee on myself in public.
  • Been coughed or sneezed on.
  • Used a public bathroom raw-butt style.
  • Stepped in vomit.
  • Sharted.
  • Killed a bug with my bare hands.
  • Got baby poop under my fingernails.
  • Took a bite of food that had mold on it.
  • Let a dog lick me on the lips.
  • Retrieved something I dropped into a toilet.
  • Done number two in someone’s bathroom, clogged the toilet, then left it for them to find later?


Never Have I Ever Questions - Dirty Questions

Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever…

  • Went outside with no clothes on.
  • Had sex on the first date.
  • Tongue kissed a stranger at a bar or club.
  • Fantasized about having sex with my spouse’s sibling.
  • Fantasized about having sex with my spouse’s parent.
  • Had sex in a movie theater.
  • Had sex on an airplane.
  • Had sex at work.
  • Tossed someone’s salad?
  • Had sex with a babysitter.
  • Had hoes in different area codes.
  • Had sex with MY babysitter.
  • Had a foreign object stuck inside of me.
  • Flashed someone.
  • Called someone the wrong name during sex.
  • Got a job because of my tig bitties.
  • Got caught watching porn.
  • Video recorded myself having sex.
  • Had sex with multiple people on the same day.
  • Had sex with multiple people at one time.
  • Had sex with a really ugly person.
  • Sex with a student, teacher, professor, or student aid.
  • Owned a sex toy.
  • Have sent or received *ick pics.
  • Had sex with someone to get a promotion at work.
  • Told someone I loved them just to get them into bed.
  • Got caught having sex in a public place.
  • Had sex with my boss or supervisor from work.
  • Had sex with over 100 people.

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