How To Tell If a Guy Has a Crush on You

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So you’re kind of crushing on this guy and you think he likes you too. But are you reading the signs correctly or is your heart just playing tricks on you? Rather than facing an awkward moment, there are a few tips you can use, to see if a guy has a crush on you.

While some guys have the bravado to dive right in and smooth their way into asking you on a date. Most would rather play it safe and take the subtle approach. They prefer to test the waters before garnering the courage to ask you out. Can you tell which of the guys below has a real crush and which one just thinks you’re fun to talk to?


Philip and Sarah are colleagues and they work closely together. With deadlines always looming over them, they spend a lot of time making sure that their proposals are complete and submitted on time. To take the edge off, they both resort to humor and witty jokes. Sarah started to notice that Philip often looks at her right after he tells her a joke, to see if she thought it was funny. She also noticed that Philip remembers all the details of their small talks. Is Philip crushing on Sarah?

Answer: If a guy pays close attention to the details of your conversation, or makes an extra effort to entertain you with his witty jokes, that usually points to a crush…unless maybe you’re old childhood friends.  But usually, those signs indicate a crush.


Kevin is a Barista at a Starbucks near Amy’s office.  He has the dreamiest looks and always spends a little extra time preparing Amy’s coffee. Even if the lines are long, Kevin often take a few minutes just to chat it up with Amy. Amy has a total crush on Kevin and thinks for sure that they have a connection. In her mind, it’s just a matter of time before Kevin asks her out. So do you think Kevin has a crush on Amy?

Answer: As a Barista, it’s Kevin’s job to entertain the clients. And some Baristas are real charmers.  Your heart could be playing tricks on you, if you translate this type of attention for a crush. But if you want to make sure, maybe you can just ask around to see if your love interest is in a relationship…you never know.

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