How to grow chives indoors

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I always keep a pot of chives in my kitchen, it’s a quick and easy way to add flavor to many dishes. The herb comes from the family of leek and onions. It imparts a light flavor to lift a dish without overwhelming it.  Both the stem and the purple flowers are edible.

Once potted, it can easily keep with minimal maintenance.

Your local nursery will probably stock it year round in the herb section, sometimes, you can also get it in your local grocery store.

Once home, I take the time to repot the herb in a nice container. I will usually select a slightly bigger pot to allow the plant growing room.  I use regular potting soil but I do take the time to add a few pebbles at the bottom for drainage. You can water when the soil is dry to the touch.  Chives need moisture, so mist lightly on a regular basis or use a small container with pebbles and water placed near the plant. I have a south facing window, so that is where I put my plant.  Alternatively, you can use fluorescent fixtures.  Either way, ensure there is a good amount of sunshine/light, six to eight hours. To harvest, simply clip using sharp scissors.


Add it as a finishing touch to omelettes, sprinkle in salads and soups.

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