How to blanch and deseed tomatoes

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Many sauces and soups call for blanching, peeling and seeding your tomatoes.   The process can be fairly messy but definitely worth the effort. This extra step ensures that your tomato sauces and soups have a smooth taste free of unnecessary acidity and bitterness present in the skin.   

How to Blanch and Deseed Tomatoes

Prepare a pot of boiling water, enough for your tomatoes to be completely submerged.  Your water should be at Full Boil 

With a sharp knife, score each tomato with an x.

Prepare a second large bowl of ice cold water, set aside.

Place the tomatoes in the boiling water for 30 seconds.

Remove with a colander and immediately place in ice-cold water

Let stand until cooled down completely.

Carefully remove the skin with the help of a pairing knife, or your fingers.

Cut into quarters, and remove the seeds.

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